Everyday Philomena thinks of her son. A son that was taken from her at a young age while she was staying at the abby. Something that was a frequent thing there – to give the children from these young girls up for adoption to American couples looking to adopt Irish children.
Her heartbreak and constant thoughts about what has happened to her song Anthony is her driving force.
Sixsmith, a journalist, is intrigued by her story when a woman (later found to be her daughter) approaches Sixsmith and tells him of her mothers story.
Together, Philomena and Sixmith go on a journey to America to find her son.
They face more heartbreak as they discover his fate.
A journey that leads them back to Ireland, she discovers little pieces of her sons life; his partner, his sister, his job and life. And little by little she gets to know her son. With the untimely and unfortunate end of his life, Philomena is forced to come to terms with it.

I thought this movie was a mixture of thought provokedness, funny and heartbreaking all in one. Along with the religious aspect of it all – her life at the Abby, the “evil” nuns and her inner struggle with God.
The storyline was very interesting, as it should be considering its based on a true person. You could really feel the emotion in it.
Coogan and Dench were a great match! Both played their roles well and the chemistry was great.

Date Released: Nov 27 2013
Date Viewed: March 2 2014
Date Reviewed: March 2 2014

Director: Stephan Frears
Genre: Drama/True Story
Rating: PG-13

Judi Dench
Steve Coogan
Michelle Fairley


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